Hi, I'm Vivi. That's short for Viatrix, and long for Vi. Or, the absolute shortest, V. In the IPA those are written as /vijɐtɻɪks/, /vivi/, /vi/ at least in my dialect.
I'm also known as mincerafter42 on other platforms, so you can call me mincerafter42, mincerafter, or mince.

My pronouns are she|they. (she/her or they/them are both ok; you can use either. Check out the Pronoun notation!)
To learn more about my gender, and romantic & sexual orientation, visit the Labels page, also available in the header menu.

Here on this blog you will find stuff that I do! Some of it is quite random!
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Latest post: Gifthermal.c

Posted on 2022-01-15
Tags: Programming