Enby Flags (Some Assembly Required)

You may be aware of my great friends Willow and Luna, whom I mentioned in a previous post. Recently I knitted some gifts for them! The gifts are enby flags and they both seem to love them!
Here you might be asking, "Vivi, what does enby mean?" Enby is a phonetic transcription of the sounds produced by reading the English letters NB, which are short for NonBinary. I'm an enby! And so are Willow and Luna!

You might also be asking "Vivi, you can knit?" Yes I can! Just a little though, I don't know a lot about knitting! But I absolutely can knit some rectangles, which is great for the purposes of flags! Here's an image!

Two identical wool flags. The flag is made of four horizontal stripes that are, from top to bottom, yellow, white, purple, black.

A challenge I anticipated in these flags is the fact that I would have to link the stripes in some way, otherwise they would just not connect and I would just have four unconnected rectangles at the end. To prevent that, I used a technique that I call "these are actually really small zigzags and not straight lines" which probably has some other name among knitters who actually know the names of stuff.