About the webmaster

I'm Vivi. That's short for Viatrix, and long for Vi. Or, the absolute shortest, V.
In the IPA those are written as /ˈvi.jɐ.tɻɪks/, /ˈvi.vi/, /vi/ at least in my dialect.
If you use diæreses in English, then my name would be written Viätrix because the I and A are parts of separate syllables.
I'm also known as mincerafter42 on other platforms, so you can call me mincerafter42, mincerafter, or mince.

My pronouns are she|they. I'm asexual and aromantic.
I'm non-binary and trans. (Yes there is overlap between these labels)
More about my titles and labels
I'm neurodivergent.

I like to make cool stuff. Usually this manifests digitally, as web development or other digital projects, but can occasionally take the form of the physical.
I also like spending time with my friends, cuddling, and surfing the Web. (All at the same time? Perhaps.)
I am recreationally interested in linguistics (and who isn't these days, am I right? no; it's likely i'm just in a bubble of recreational linguists).
I also dabble occasionally into crafts.
My ideal existence is living with cuddly friend roommates and making cool stuff. (currently not fully achieved)

I was born on 2004-04-13.
I live in the Metro Vancouver area.

You can contact me via e-mail.