Fillbert The Empty Space Cat

2021-W23: nyan hole

{Fillbert looks at a weird-shaped hole.}Vivi {offscreen}: Hey Fillbert, can you fill this hole?Fillbert: Weird-shaped hole.{Fillbert fills the hole, becoming shaped like a cat with a rectangular body.}SFX: *poomf*{Fillbert's rectangular body becomes pink with magenta sprinkles, and a rainbow trails behind them.}Vivi: Mwahaha! This was a ploy to make a Nyan Cat reference!Fillbert: nyan!


Nyan Cat (YouTube) is a well-known Internet meme that is 10 years old by this point.

I am learning much about SVG animations.

I went into this knowing full well I was using a pride flag as the rainbow, but what I didn't expect is that it actually could be viewed as a flag waving. I always thought Nyan Cat was leaving a trail of rainbow behind, but pulling a rainbow banner is another interpretation.