Fillbert The Empty Space Cat

This comic is permanently unfinished. Don't expect any sort of satisfying ending.

2021-W26: fabian

{Fabian, a humanoid being made of various unique cubes, holds a piece of paper.}Narration: Meanwhile, in THE PAST!Fabian: Ooh, I can order a Philbert by calling 1-800-555-0142!Fabian {speaking into a telephone}: I'd like to make an international call. The number is -269536413788816277658850750803729026709400851689139611079208959973446471469886705721287973193419489734024361060974102771686730776482217285444779897586125484868294790044340222989800738079091821598557128192667156480000000000000000000000000000001354.


"1-800-555-0142!" on WolframAlpha

This comic has a cameo appearance from my friend Fabian. Fabian is an eldritch being with limbs composed of minerals from within the Earth and a torso formed out of an amalgamation of eyes. OK that's just his Minecraft skin. He makes math jokes a lot. And he's talking to a telephone operator; telephone operators existed in the past.