Fillbert The Empty Space Cat

2021-W40: planet of the aces

{The entire comic is formatted like a movie poster.}oops nearly every character is asexualYellow as an allo{A solid yellow rectangle.}Vivi as a space ace{Vivi wears a light grey outfit with "spACE" and the asexual flag printed on the front.}Fillbert as a planet{Fillbert floats in space.}and introducing Rod McDowel as a flagpole{A flagpole, with the asexual flag.}Fillbert Comix presentsPlanet of the Aces(this is not a real movie)


I inadvertently made a webcomic where nearly every character is asexual. Fillbert is asexual because I decided to write them as asexual, but then real people Willow, Maple, Fabian, and me were all asexual too. I decided to make the colour yellow allosexual to balance this out.

This comic was actually drawn around the same time as the comic for 2021-W29. Has my art style changed noticably since then?