Fillbert The Empty Space Cat

This comic is permanently unfinished. Don't expect any sort of satisfying ending.

2021-W43: DF4F 2

{Fillbert is entirely greyscale, and wears a grey fedora while sitting at a brown desk.}Fillbert {monologuing}: It was a dark morning.As dark as the fate of the temporary sealant industry.This dame's hair had as many curls as a spring factory, in the season.She wore a scarf as dark as the fate of the temporary sealant industry wasn't.{Vivi, still greyscale, stands on the other side of the desk looking at her outfit, a green dress with a large white scarf.}Fillbert {monologuing}: And her dress was green.Vivi: yo this outfit is heckin cool


I tried my best to make a heckin cool film noir outfit. There are quite likely cooler and noirer outfits in existence, but sure I'd probably think this one is cool.