Fillbert The Empty Space Cat

This comic is permanently unfinished. Don't expect any sort of satisfying ending.

2021-W44: DF4F 3

{Fillbert and Vivi are still greyscale. Fillbert and Vivi face each other, and Fillbert stands on the desk.}Fillbert {monologuing}: She wanted me to find out if Fillbert was a furry comic.Vivi: I want you to find out if Fillbert is a furry comic.Fillbert {monologuing}: I gathered a list of potential furries in the comic Fillbert.{A blurry greyscale image of Willow's face.}Fillbert {monologuing}: Willow, a catgirl with cat ears.{A blurry greyscale image of Fabian's back.}Fillbert {monologuing}: Fabian, some kind of cube thing.{A blurry greyscale image of Maple at a table taken from above.}Fillbert {monologuing}: And Maple.Her ears were suspiciously pointy.


<Insert statement about drawing humans and the difficulty thereof>

I wanted to show more of the heckin cool outfit in panel 1, but it's so full of dialogue that everything would have been really small.
I tried to make panels 2-4 look like they were taken with a shaky camera, and panels 3 & 4 look like they were taken from weird angles. Not sure how well it turned out.