Fillbert The Empty Space Cat

This comic is permanently unfinished. Don't expect any sort of satisfying ending.

2022-W16: PLMG 2

{Vivi enters, holding up a copy of the file.}Vivi: Hey Fillbert, did you see this comic Maple found?Fillbert: Yeah; about that:{A flashback panel in which Fillbert looks around shiftily, hiding the file behind themself.}Fillbert {outside of flashback}: When I woke up in 2021 with no memories of the past year, I had that comic and felt an urge to hide it. Now you found it, it feels like a secret's been revealed?{Fillbert looks down. Maple looks concernedly at Fillbert.}Fillbert: But it's just a comic, right?Maple: You woke up in 2021 with no memories of the past year‽ That sounds very distressing!Fillbert: Oh, that's not how leap years work?


The plot thickens!

The 180° rule is constantly being broken during this sequence :p