Fillbert The Empty Space Cat

This comic is permanently unfinished. Don't expect any sort of satisfying ending.

2022-W20: PLMG 6

{Fillbert drives their car through the coloured void.}Fillbert: There's a Place Where Lost Memories Go, to the left!{Inside the car, a tinfoil hat falls off Fillbert's head onto a pile of tinfoil hats, Vivi slumps in the passenger seat, and Maple records with her camera.}Fillbert: Correction: There's a Place Where Lost Memories Go, to the up!Maple: I'm Maple of Cyberspace News, reporting from Fillbert's car on the ongoing story of the discovery of a Place Where Lost Memories Go!{The car stops. Vivi and Maple fall forward because of momentum. Fillbert expands like an airbag with a *poomf*}Fillbert: We're here! This is the Place Where Lost Memories Go!{The car is in a large room, containing a banner which reads "Congrats graduating class of 2022".}Fillbert: It has a banner?Maple: It looks like this is some sort of celebration for graduating students?Vivi: Huh. I wonder if my school has one of those.


Yep, the first comic of 2022 was part of this plan!

I don't know how to draw car interiors or exteriors!

Do you want to choose what a one-time background character looks like? I bring attention to this because I don't want to do the design work myself and the background characters are rapidly approaching timewise :p