Fillbert The Empty Space Cat

This comic is permanently unfinished. Don't expect any sort of satisfying ending.

2022-W23: PLMG 9: the vectorizer

Meanwhile, in late 2020...{Fillbert is pixelated, and in a machine labelled "The Vectorizer". Next to the machine are many boxes labelled "2020" and Random Vectorizer Technician Who Will Never Show Up Again.}Vectorizer technician: Wow, you sure have a lot of memories from this year!{The vectorizer technician looks away and Fillbert pour orange juice onto the boxes, making small lightning bolts come out of them.}Fillbert: It's because of the... pandemic. Yes, that.Fillbert {thinking}: It'll be easier to keep this secret if I don't have the memories of it...Narration: In reality, Fillbert's large amount of memories was-Fillbert {the present one, not the flashback in 2020 one}:My memories come with narration? Cool!Narration: Please let me finish. -was not due to the pandemic, but rather to... time travel dun dun dun


Fillbert in the first 2 panels is supposed to be all pixelly because this is right before they became vector graphics. If you don't see this, oh no

The design for Random Vectorizer Technician Who Will Never Show Up Again was submitted by nobody. Nobody used the "Random background character in the Fillbert webcomic" donation option so I'm just designing background characters at the random whims of my brain

Expect further delays in the future. that way you'll get what you expected or better.