Fillbert The Empty Space Cat

This comic is permanently unfinished. Don't expect any sort of satisfying ending.

2022-W25: PLMG 11: time

Meanwhile, even further in THE PAST!{In THE PAST, Fillbert appears in a burst of light.}SFX: *time travel noises*Fillbert {in THE PAST}: Wow, that exit was so multidimensional it would be impossible to draw! Where am I now?{Fillbert notices a phone booth.}Fillbert {in THE PAST}: Hm, a phone booth... Will the phone number that was on the math notes help me?Meanwhile, in THE PRESENT, in a panel intended to be read 3rd and 6th in sequence...Fillbert {in THE PRESENT}: No! That phone number only calls people who don't want to return my outfits!Fillbert {in THE PAST}: Wait, a phone booth‽ Gasp! I must have travelled back in time!I should keep this a secret. If I don't, I could have to see my past self, which would be really embarrassing!Fillbert {in THE PRESENT}: It is!


How Fillbert looked before entering cyberspace

I wasn't planning on the previous comic being incomplete, but since it was I decided to lampshade it in the 1st panel.

This deadline isn't just dead… it was murdered! dun dun dun
(that's unrelated to the contents of the comic, just the fact it was published late)