Viatrix's ISO 8601 Award!

Viatrix's ISO 8601 Award is an award I give to personal websites I encounter using ISO 8601 (if I can contact the webmaster).
It shows my like of ISO 8601, and trolls anyone trying to read the Awarded date.
Awardees are encouraged to place the badge on their websites and link to this very page of exposition.

The award badge is available with a light or dark background, both conforming to WCAG level AA.

Award badge — Light background
Award badge — Dark background
Viatrix's ISO 8601 Award!
Viatrix the Internet Rando Extraordinaire
Awarded 22/25/22
Old award badge (used prior to 23/19/22)

Awarded sites

See which sites have accepted the award!

Can I get the award?

If you want the award for yourself, or for another's website, you can contact me and ask. Make sure to link to the website!