Fillbert The Empty Space Cat

This comic is permanently unfinished. Don't expect any sort of satisfying ending.

2022-W19: PLMG 5

Fillbert: The Place Where Lost Memories Go isn't under that toaster!{Fillbert points out the lack of tinfoil hat on their head.}Fillbert: I didn't get a tinfoil hat! We can use them to find the Place! Let's go!Maple: Let me get my camera equipment! A recording (if it doesn't contain any Fillbert secrets) of this Place would be quite newsworthy!{Vivi, Maple, and Fillbert are now in a car; Vivi in the driver seat, Fillbert in the passenger seat, and Maple in the back seat with a television camera. Maple is now wearing her newscasting suit.}Maple: OK, now I'm ready.Vivi: Show us the way, Fillbert, using those randomly appearing hats somehow!Maple: Vivi, I didn't know you had a car.{Vivi looks horrifiedly at the dashboard.}Vivi: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I don't have a car! Whose car is this‽


panels 1 and 2: perspektiv

The plan for this arc was always to have a car in this scene, but it's specifically an orange Volkswagen Beetle because of some fanart by somitomi. Also, I don't know how to draw cars.